Publisher solutions

Maximize your advertising revenue streams with our ad server technology that deliver relevant PPC, CPM and CPV ads. With our content driven distribution, publishers will leverage both mobile and desktop traffic for better rates and at the same time serve quality targeted ads for their audience.

Global Marketing

  • Monetize upto 100% of your web traffic
  • All countries are accepted
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Quick Approval

You are in Full Control

  • User-friendly management tools
  • All major IAB banner formats
  • Detailed reporting
  • Automatic campaign filters

Frequent Payments

  • We pay twice a week via PayPal
  • Guaranteed on-time payments
  • $5 Payouts

Competitive Rates

  • Fast and reliable ad delivery
  • Relevant ad delivery
  • 10% Ongoing residual commissions


How do I get started ?
Fill out the Publisher SignUp Form, add your website, and your site will be approved promptly.
What are the minimum requirements ?
Unlike other networks, we have no minimum traffic requirements.
Do you accept international traffic ?
Yes we do no matter what country your visitors are from! While most advertisers use USA for their advertising, there are still lots who are looking for traffic from countries all over the world.
How much do I earn ?
We pay Publishers up to 75% of the revenue generated.
What are your minimum rates ?
Rates are connected to several factors like: country of the visitors, time on website, page CTR and website niche. We always try to maximize your earnings by rotating through the most performing ads (CPC, CPM, CPV)
When will I get paid ?
We pay two times a week. This means you will receive your earnings the next day after you request a payment. Minimum is $5. PayPal is the only form of payment we offer for now.
What ad units do you offer ?
CPMGO offers the following ad units: 728 x 90 Leaderboard, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 300 x 250 Medium and many others.
When are statistics being updated ?
Publisher statistics are being updated every 2-3 hours.
When are ads starting to show on my website ?
After adding the ad code it might take about up to 15 minutes for the ads to start showing.
How many ads can I show on a single page ?
You can show up to 3 ads on a page.
Do you pay for all impressions/clicks or just unique visitors ?
We pay RAW (for all impressions/clicks).
Are there any restrictions ?
Yes they are. We don't accept adult, warez, PTP or PTC websites or websites that involve or promote illegal activities. Also, you are not allowed to use traffic exchange methods like auto traffic exchange and PTP websites.